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Happy Holidays!
Check out our holiday elves! AC_VHost_Embed(14490,382,680,"",1,1, 55082, 0,1,0,"4e31df987cc4dc9de5ce5d67223a05d9",0,"","","",1342,299, 69899897,...
Kevin carving up some snow!

Check out Kevin making it look easy on the BioDapt knee and Versa Foot...


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Our Philosophy

We have taken the "old school" approach to patient care and combined it with modern technological advancements. To us, "old school patient care" brings thoughts of the family physician spending quality time with the patient and their family to determine the correct course of action. This philosophy, combined with modern technology, has created what we think is the perfect balance for prosthetic rehabilitation. It is this approach that has earned us the reputation for successful prosthetic outcomes throughout the healthcare industry.

New Amputee

As a new amputee you no-doubt have many questions.  We will attempt to answer some of these questions here but you are encouraged to call our office so that we can introduce you to someone from our “Peer Support Program”.  We will attempt to pair you with someone who has a similar amputation level who can answer  questions based on experience.  Also, we have included for you some of our favorite links to websites that will provide you with a wealth of information.  So with that said, here is what you can expect when you go to your prosthetist for the first time. Click here to find out more!


We are constantly incorporating new technology in our prosthesis fittings to make sure our clients have the most cutting-edge and comfortable prosthesis available. Some of the technologies we use are:


Artificial Limb Specialists

Artificial Limb Specialists is a patient care facility dedicated to rebuilding the lives of amputees. Your success is our success. Welcome to the family!

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Email info@limbspecialists.com
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